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CoPeCo Master’s programme 2022 - Elena Perales Andreu - disidencia ritual

CoPeCo Master

disidencia ritual Elena Perales Andreu

Rituals are part of the community in which we, inhabitants, grow up. They form the identity and shape and determine the way we live in society. This generates a collective nexus that allows us to develop on an individual level and establish ourselves as social animals in a natural way. When we think about identity and memory, if we ignore the loss and disappearance of rituals, we ignore the bonds generated as opposed to individualism obtained through the social system in which we live. “disidencia ritual” is a multimedia piece that serves as an artistic meditation from an ecofeminist perspective on trees, the human body, and the cyclical relation that bonds them. This piece is a ritual based on the connection between the cyclical nature of the Earth, the moon, and women’s bodies, expressed by means of electroacoustic music and various visual elements. The collaborative partners for this project are the visual artist Lucía Aragón and the designer Ana María Bermúdez.

Elena Perales Andreu - composer & performer

Lucía Aragón - painter

Ana María Bermúdez - designer

Elena Perales Andreu is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice includes performance, improvisation, composition, and visual art. Her work is informed by the examination of psychological constructs, the idea of community, the interconnection of contrasting artistic fields, and the implication of ritual practices.

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