“de otros viajes” is a concert of several pieces that address differing concepts, perspectives and questions about our society. Topics such as the dichotomy between the individual vs the mass production society, physical and symbolic violence expressed as fictional stories or documentation, and ideas such as longing, belonging and intimacy crushed and turned into different methods of expression.

The concert is a mixture between different media: video, music, text and theatre, sensors, light are all completely interconnected in a constant dialog with one other.


[RE]quiem:  for disklavier, video and tape.

Ofrendas:  for mixed ensamble (Sax, E. Guitar, Percussion, Clarinet, Synthesiser, Computer), 4 actors and video.

Anhelos de Bolsillo (pt. 2 & 3):  for solo performer,, live-electronics, lights and bells.

Punto de Vista:  for trio (Double Bass, Bass Trombone, Contrabassoon), live-electronics, video and tape.

All the people involved:
Jana de Troyer: Saxophone
Yat Fung Wong: E. Guitar
Eirini Aravidou: Percussion
Jan Wegman: Computer/Clarinet
Anka Tutescu: Synthesizer
Maximilian Beck: Actor
Carlotta Bauer: Actress
Maxie Le Dévéhat: Actress
Klaas Lewerenz: Actor
Paula Capracci: Double Bass
Jonathan Martínez: Bass Trombone
Maximilian Stelzer: Contrabassoon
Kristian Orellana: Animation
Isidora Páez: Animation
Colectivo Residencial: Audio recordings/interviews
Maciej Marzec: Regie
Amelie Werner: Dramaturgie
Catalina González: Video

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