FARO - Multimediale Komposition von Juan Manuel Jaramillo Lleras


Faro is a collection of multimedia pieces in the form of a mixtape. A compilation of sounds, images, people, places and memories, that are brought on stage as four different tracks.


Cabeza de Termo  for Flute, Violin, Piano and Electronics

Cabeza de Termo draws from the irritating repetitions of the Argentinian-Colombian band from which its name is taken.

Gabrijela Sušek Planinšič – Flute
Tommaso Fracaro - Violin
Alicia Reyes – Piano

Sinostosis Radiocubital  for Electric Guitar Quartet and Light

Sinostosis Radiocubital, Spanish for Radioulnar synostosis, is a rare condition where there is an abnormal connection between the radius and ulna bones of the forearm. It is also the first track on the album “Inversión Interna de la Tibia” by Colombian band Hermanos Menores. This piece is a tribute to both.

Paul Linardatos – Electric Guitar
Diego Muhr – Electric Guitar
Jan Graf – Electric Guitar
Niklas Werk – Electric Guitar

Idilio entre las piedras  for four Improvisers on Video

Suspende el motor, abre la canción que eleva, desorientación, tu voz y mi voz se enredan.
Stop the engine, open up the song that lifts, disorientation, your voice and my voice entangle.
From “Idilio entre las piedras”, by Berlin-based Colombian Caveman-Pop artist, Mamíferos.
Footage recorded at Teatro Libélula Dorada, in Bogotá, Colombia on October 1st 2021.

Alejandro Solano – Electric Bass
Iván Medellín – Accordion
Rafael García – Saxophone
Daniel Piedrahita – Electric Guitar


This is an improvised mashup of the previous tracks and other music I’ve recorded before, most notably the self-titled album by the group Listo Listo Listo, released on TVL REC, a network/label of experimental and improvised music from the South American underground.

Juan Jaramillo – Percussion, electronics

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