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CoPeCo Master’s programme 2022 - Bastien Pouillès - Dawning

CoPeCo Master

Dawning Bastien Pouillès

a performance-installation for accordion, visual installation & electronics

In this piece, Bastien continues to explore the possibilities of the performance-installation, in which the performer is like an object and the object is like a performer, and both are equally important on stage. He also studies the ambiguity as an aesthetic of the creation process. According to him, by its characteristics and its possibilities of the sound production, the accordion is the instrument of the ambiguity. The original idea was to represent something surrealistic on stage, like showing a natural phenomenon for a duration of a performance, somehow based on a sci-fi concept. Then he started his collaboration with Michael Winter, who joined him on these concerns. After many exchanges, Michael got focused on the idea of a dawning, represented by the installation. The accordion, by its two keyboards, is able to play up to three distinctive timbres on each notes. The music is a deep exploration of the accordion timbres through a progression of an algorythmic combination of notes in a 4-notes chord. The shifting timbres structures the form and the emerging melodies, that show all the ambiguity of the sound sources of the accordion. The dawning is represented by one big crescendo of the accordion, where slowly appears the six voices of the registers: the accordion is a dawning by itself. Meet at dawn!

Michael Winter: composition, installation, electronics

Bastien Pouillès: original idea, accordion, co-composition


Michael Winter (*1980): My work often explores simple processes where dynamic systems, situations, and settings are realized in a variety of ways from performances to installations. To me, everything we experience is computable. Given this digital philosophy, I acknowledge even my most open works as algorithmic; and, while not always apparent on the surface of any given piece, the considerations of computability and epistemology are integral to my practice. I often reconcile epistemological limits with artistic practicality by considering and addressing the limits of computation from an artistic and experiential vantage point and by collaborating with other artists, mathematicians, and scientists in order to integrate objects, ideas, and texts from various domains as structural elements in my pieces.

Bastien Pouillès (*1994): I’m a French accordionist, composer and free improviser, specialized in contemporary music. I’m particularly involved in the 20th and 21st century repertoire, improvisation and multidisciplinary projects, with a special interest in electronics and multimedia. So I’m constantly exploring new sound and performance possibilities. Through my international experience (notably in Sweden, Estonia, France and Germany), I collaborated with various composers and ensembles. I’m currently studying in CoPeCo master at the CNSMD in Lyon.

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